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 nzafta secretary appointment

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PostSubject: nzafta secretary appointment   Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:45 pm

Post AGM the position of nzafta secretary was left vacant, with Davey standing down and Adam Welsh's nomination being withdrawn.
As per then constitution, and with onlyn1 year of term remaining before the position becomes re-electable, it isn't he board of governors right to appoint someone into position for the remainder of the term, bringing the 2/2 governors retiring system back into line.

On behalf of the othwer governors, I would like to welcome on board into the role of nzafta secretary, Rob Cawood of NHAGC.

NZAFTA governor 2011 - 2016
NZAFTA competition secretary 2013, 2014
NZAFTA president 2014 -- 2016
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nzafta secretary appointment
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