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 NHAGC AGM - key points for ALL air gunners!

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PostSubject: NHAGC AGM - key points for ALL air gunners!    Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:25 pm

Sporter Field Target - we will be including Sporter FT in all of our FT shoots. The rules for SFT are the same as FT and will be shot on the same course, the only difference is that you will receive 1 point for a faceplate hit and 2 points for a knock down.

SFT differs from Hunter Field Target in that it can be shot on the same course as FT, adjusting the scope (focusing/ranging) is permitted and the shooting positions are the same as FT.

The purpose of SFT is to encourage shooters with low powered scopes to give FT a try without having to compete against experienced FT shooters and their fancy kit.
Should a SFT shooter do particularly well they will be encouraged to move up from SFT to full FT.

Range fees - we have decided to discount our range fees for members of other airgun clubs. So if you can provide us with a membership card you will pay a range fee of $5 as opposed to $10 as in the past.
First timers and non-members of a club will continue to pay $10. This is primarily due to the extra time spent coaching beginners and a club member having to sacrifice their shoot to supervise them.
Obviously, we are hoping that other clubs will adopt a similar approach and reciprocate with the reduced range fees for our members.
PLEASE NOTE: The reduced Range fee is only for Club days. The cost for the Club Champs, GP shoot etc. will be higher to cover medals etc.

So in short... grab a couple of mates and come along to an FT shoot and have a go.

PS... if any NHAGC members want a copy of the AGM minutes then send me a PM with your email address and i will forward them on.

Cya all.


NHAGC President 2017
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NHAGC AGM - key points for ALL air gunners!
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