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 President position

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PostSubject: President position   Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:37 am

Hello all
firstly id like to apologize for my lack of visibility over the last few months, ive had a shoulder injury as many of you are aware, and have been through surgery with it, but unfortunately it had gotten quite bad making the surgery a bit of a major. I still have another 2 months ahead of being stuck in a sling 24/7, then a further 3-12 months before it will be at a properly useable condition. This has kept me not only from shooting, but has limited driving as well, making getting to anything a near impossibility.
I have also had the unfortunate news that one of my sisters has massive inoperable cancer, and a very limited time left, so have been more focused on being with her and the family, once shes gone its too late to spend time with her, so im making the most of it, im sure you all understand.

As much as ive tried to keep up with the governing position through all this, it has become a realitythat I am just not in a position to give it the attention it deserves, which is unfair to everyone involved in the sport throughout NZ.
On that understanding, and after some discussion with other governors, I have decided to stand down for the remainder of my term (until the agm this year), at which point nominations will be put forward by the clubs for a new president, and you will all vote him/her in.

In the interim period, Davey Lum has been appointed into my position for the remainder of term. Davey is well versed in all things FT, and will oversee the governors well, but has voiced no interest in standing for the position after the term is up.
Carl is setting up an account for GP funds to be transferred into, and I will supply him with the statement from the past season as well for the purposes of transparency at the agm.
Davey has the admistrative duties on this forum as well

I wish those heading to Portugal all the very best of luck, it is a fantastic venue in a beautiful country, and im sure youll remember your visit there for a long time.

I will be returning to FT, after im healed up of course, and hope that in my absence the New governors and president can keep tge sport running well, and grow it into the next level.

Thank you for your faith in voting me into position, I wish you all well

Brett Nixon

NZAFTA governor 2011 - 2016
NZAFTA competition secretary 2013, 2014
NZAFTA president 2014 -- 2016
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President position
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